The SOUPERSTAR app celebrates you by rewarding Stars and/or Hearts for each time you dine at SOUPERSTAR. You earn Stars for any purchases, except for Cash Vouchers, made at any SOUPERSTAR outlet. Hearts can be earned with every SOUPER-HEARTY Combos purchased. Stars and Hearts are not applicable for online purchases.

To begin using the app, you must register for an account using either your Facebook account (preferred) or valid email address. Once you have registered, the app is ready for use. Do verify your email address to secure your SOUPERSTAR account.


The app requires new users to create an account with either their Facebook account or a valid email address.  You will be able to start collecting Stars and/or Hearts only upon successful registration.

You may not transfer your account to anyone else but you can share your accumulated Stars and Hearts with your family and friends. To share Stars and Hearts, do ensure that the person you’re sharing with has an existing SOUPERSTAR app account.

Your account is tagged to your Email or Facebook and not to your device. Hence you can use multiple devices to log in to your account without having to create multiple accounts.

As long as each account uses unique Email/Facebook, you can log in and log out of the various accounts on the same device.

The Stars and Hearts do not expire and will be available as long as you log in to your existing account.


If you created your account via an email address, you may update your email address on the “My Profile” page within the app. It might take 1-2 days for this change to be reflected on our system and hence, you might not be able to transfer or receive stars and cash vouchers within 48 hours of updating your email.



If your account was created with your Facebook profile, you can only make changes to your email address on Facebook. Any change in email address made on Facebook will take 1-2 days to be reflected on the SOUPERSTAR app and in our system. Hence, you might not be able to transfer or receive stars and cash vouchers within 48 hours of updating your email.

You may update your mobile number on the “My Profile” page within the app. It takes 1-2 days for the update to be reflected on our system and hence you might not be able to transfer or receive stars and cash vouchers within 48 hours of updating your mobile number.


Stars is the currency used in the app and can be accumulated to redeem Souper rewards.

Stars can be earned when you make purchases over the counter at any SOUPERSTAR outlet. To accumulate Stars, you are required to use the app to scan the QR code that is printed on the receipt. For any Stars earned but not scanned into the application, the Stars will not be recorded and thus forfeited. You can also collect Stars by receiving Stars from your friends!

Hearts are bonuses that you can collect from every SOUPER-HEARTY Combo purchased. Hearts is the currency used to support the SOUPEROAMERS community efforts in providing clean water to support rural development and those affected by disasters.

Hearts can be earned with each SOUPER-HEARTY Combo purchased. You will need to scan the QR code on your receipt to save the Hearts into your account or it will be forfeited. You can also collect Hearts by receiving Hearts from your friends!

You should keep the receipt issued during the purchase so that you can scan the QR code when you have access to your phone. The QR code is valid for only one use and will expire when it has been used.

Yes, the app requires Internet access to work. If you are unable to access the Internet, keep your receipt and scan the QR code when you eventually have Internet connection.

Currently, Stars and Hearts can only be earned through purchases at SOUPERSTAR outlets only. In-app purchases are not entitled to Stars and Hearts.

Your account will be immediately updated with your Stars and Hearts when you scan an applicable QR code. However, we won’t be able to save your Stars and Hearts if you do not scan your QR code after purchase or when you scan the QR code when you have no access to the Internet.

No, your Stars and Hearts do not expire. Only rewards changes seasonally.


Head over to the Souper Rewards page in the app for the list of rewards you can redeem with your Stars. The listed Souper Rewards are exclusive to a limited period and will change from time to time. If you find something you like, quickly redeem the rewards!

Only family and friends with an existing SOUPERSTAR account can receive and send Stars. Therefore, ensure that your family and friends create an account before you share your Stars with them.

Yes, the app can only work when it is connected to the Internet.

The number of Stars reflected on the right of your screen will reduce as Stars will be deducted when you redeem your Souper Rewards. To collect your Souper Rewards, present the barcode generated (also found on My Rewards History page) to the cashier.

Your Stars cannot be exchanged for Hearts cash or any other items not listed on the Souper Rewards page.

You can redeem your rewards on the Souper Rewards page in the app.

If you’ve added rewards to your wish list, you can redeem them on the wish list page. Upon redeeming, a barcode will be generated for you to present to the cashier.


The barcode is a one-time unique barcode that will expire upon redemption at the counter. The rewards barcode will also expire on the date of expiry. Therefore do redeem your rewards before the date of expiry.

Souper Rewards are only available for collection over the counter at any SOUPERSTAR outlets.

Souper Rewards redemption are not concurrently available with any ongoing in-store and online promotion.


You will have to share your Stars with your family/friends to allow them to redeem the Stars.


Hearts can only be used to donate to SOUPEROAMERS. For every 14 Hearts you donate, you are impacting the life of one person!

For every 150 people that the SOUPEROAMERS Community managed to collect hearts for, SOUPERSTAR will donate ONE filter to WateROAM’s ongoing efforts in disaster-hit zones and/or developments in the rural region! No additional cash donation is required from you.

As soon as you have collected 14 Hearts, head over to “Tokens of Love” to donate. A WateROAM filter will be donated as soon as enough hearts are raised for 150 people.


Hearts can only be used to support the SOUPEROAMERS community and cannot be used to exchange for Stars, Souper Rewards or cash.

Both you and your friends can team up to accumulate Hearts! You can share/receive Hearts to accumulate 14 Hearts to donate. Only one donation is allowed for each 14 Hearts regardless if the Hearts were shared by multiple people.

Do verify if this transfer is recorded in your transaction history. If it is not recorded, it means that the transfer was unsuccessful. Alternatively, the person you’re sharing Hearts with do not have an existing account and hence no Hearts were deducted.

Do check your transaction history to confirm if the Hearts was sent successfully. There could be several reasons why the Hearts did not reflect on your friend’s account.

  • Your friend do not have an account with SOUPERSTAR at the point of Hearts transfer or
  • Unsuccessful Hearts transfer due to poor Internet connection. In this case, do check if the transfer was recorded in the transaction history of your personal account to determine if transfer was successful.

This could happen when an attempt to transfer Hearts is unsuccessful. Do ask your friend to check if there was a transaction recorded for the transfer of Hearts in the transaction history. If there is no record, it means that the transfer was unsuccessful and your friend would have to redo the transfer of Hearts.

Yes, the app can only work when it is connected to the Internet.

The number of Hearts reflected on the right of your screen will be reduced according to the number of Hearts you donated or shared.


For your family/friends to receive the Stars and Hearts, they will need an account with SOUPERSTAR. The Stars and Hearts can only be redeemed through the SOUPERSTAR app.

7) Cash Vouchers

  • Cash vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase
  • Cash vouchers are accepted over the counter at any SOUPERSTAR outlets
  • Cash vouchers are to be presented prior to ordering
  • Cash vouchers are not valid in conjunction with other promotions and rewards
  • Cash vouchers are not exchangeable for cash, in full or part
  • Cash vouchers are for one time use and cannot be re-validated

Cash Vouchers can be used to purchase food sold by SOUPERSTAR. The vouchers can only be used in-store and are not applicable for online orders. The cash vouchers are not valid in conjunction with other promotions and rewards.

You can also treat your friends to SOUPERSTAR by transferring cash vouchers to them!

Simply present the cash vouchers to the cashier before placing orders. Do note that the cashier voucher is valid for one time use and is not valid in conjunction with promotion and rewards. Cash vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash in part or in full.

8) Contact Information

If you have any inquiries, do contact us at info@souperstar.com.sg